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"A Real Working Cattle Ranch"

Flynn Ranch Cattle Drives

A Real Cattle Drive on a 5th Generation Working Ranch

 Only 12 Guests Accepted per Drive!

Flynn Ranch Vacations and Flynn Ranch, Inc. are very proud to offer a select number of guests the chance to participate in an authentic cattle drive three times a year for a one week duration.  At that time up to 12 guests will be asked to join the traditional ranch hands round up 600 to 1000 cattle and drive them to their summer pastures in southwest Montana's Big Belt Mountains.  This year will be the 12th anniversary of a true Western Cowboy Adventure.

2011 Flynn Ranch Cattle Drive Dates

#1 May 9 - May 15

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#2 May 23 - May 29
#3 Undecided

We are now booking for the 2011 Cattle Drives.

These are increasingly popular and fill up quickly so please contact Ted or Debra Flynn at 406-266-3534 or  for additional information or to make a reservation.

These cattle drives are limited to 12 guests per drive, 18 years or older and intermediate or better riders.  This is not a "Dude Ranch" experience and you will experience hands-on cattle driving opportunities.

Testimonials from Flynn Ranch Vacation Guests

"This is the West as it is (they say) - and it is even better!  Not only is this the "real" ranch experience, but on top of that it is located in the pretty Missouri River Valley of Southern Montana.  Views of surrounding mountain ranges make half of the experience, while the other half is taken by riding these terrific cattle horses (likely to spoil you for the rest of your riding life..) and driving, pushing, chasing cattle through beautiful pastures in the foothills of the Big Belt Mountains.  Also likely you may not enjoy your trail rides like you used to after this, simply because working on this cattle ranch makes you ride with a real purpose and having fun and a lot of sport at one time.  V.B. Germany
"This ranch is a very special place, and it warms my heart every time I think of it.  No doubt there are more posh places on this planet, but once you've seen the breathtaking scenery of "Baldy", a mountain overlooking the valley, and slept in one of the beautifully decorated guest rooms  showing a particular attention to Western details by Ted's wonderful wife Deb whose cooking is certainly something to write home about and shared a night about town in one of the local highlights, Bunkhouse Bar (a place which defies any attempt of description), all - including the muscle aches from riding and working - is forgotten.  E.B.Germany
"The Flynn Ranch is a special place to be.  I would like more people to experience what a working-ranch vacation is like, yet this notion is competing with a slightly devilish wish to keep such a treasure to myself.  D. J. England
"I would like to thank you for the most wonderful vacation of my life.  This was so incredible!  I couldn't believe the open spaces, friendly people and cowboy lifestyle.  I had visited Dude Ranches before but they are so different from a true ranch experience.  Thank you.  I can't wait to return.  L.M. Georgia

Montana Cattle Drive
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